• art, concept, design, interactive communication

endless beauty

Volte has the power to recreate beauty out of the ordinary or grotesque.

Volte is an interactive kaleidoscopic art installation. Volte recreates our reality into an abstract video-animation where nobody and nothing is recognizable but is merged into a constant revolving detachment of that reality. Volte strips all imagery from its meaning and returns that imagery into an ever-changing, colorful and continually recreated form, which is then again subject to a highly personal interpretation.

WIFI Camera
Volte is operated with a camera or still image, a laptop and a beamer. The beamer projects on an inside or outside surface. The camera can be connected to the computer through WIFI, so it can be placed apart from the computer and beamer. Depending on the light strenght of the beamer it can easily run during daytime. It is alo possible to use a LED screen for in- or outside exposure, which will ofcourse enhance the luminance. Volte is size independent.

Upload your images
Volte can also use static images which can be uploaded through the Volte website. A camera is not necessary. The Volte software will process the uploaded images and program them into its rotation. To allow people to upload to the website they need to have a login code. Once they uploaded their picture, Volte will expose the images within the next minutes.

Day and night
Volte comes with a day and night program; the kaleidoscopic images rotate at a lower speed during the night and at a higher speed during the day. These parameters are adjustable and will be set by me to fit the circumstances.

The Volte team consist of Lisa van Noorden as owner and designer of the concept; Duncan Champney for WareTo, who developed the software to make it possible and Stephan Grevelink, who created the website with database for uploading images. The creation of Volte took around 4 months.