Kunst, concept, vormgeving, interactieve communicatiemiddelen

Anchor8 is a large-scale concept based on a combination of free art and social media where people experience interaction with the artwork. It combines a stunning visual experience with multiple marketing opportunities.
It is meant for organizations that create conditions for people to make new contacts, share knowledge and network. Examples are exhibition spaces, luxury hotels, public institutions, airports, casinos, cruise ships, theme parks and shopping malls.

Concept & design

Visitors interaction In practice, there will be a number of small invisible wireless beacon nodes in the floor, in the ceiling or in stands. Visitors also get an active node. It can be a badge, bracelet, or other item that the visitor receives upon entry. The beacon nodes detect the visitor nodes and determine their positions.
During an event, visitors interact, talk to each other, relax, eat, drink, and move on. In doing so, their movements draw virtual lines. Together, hundreds of interacting visitors will create a pattern. Where their paths cross, clusters, accumulations, and energy arise.
By converting these movements into colorful images on the display, life itself is visualized.
Interaction between visitors results in interaction with the artwork. And this leads to interaction between visitors and the organization.

Wireless communication To create a network that detects interaction of the visitor, we use a self-organizing wireless netwerk. It is made of small active nodes.  Visitor nodes can be assigned different tasks.
The nodes communicate with each other and can be used to pass on individual data.
The node doesn't need action from the visitor to make contact with the network (self-organizing network).
One option is to let the visitor node share information automatically. Another is to give the visitor node an action button so the visitor can decide whether and when to share information.
A computer processes all the data from the nodes and translates it into the visual image. In terms of animation, anything is possible!
A colored dot moving over the display, artistic symbols, even artworks that are designed exclusively for your organisation.
Every desired software functionality can be developed. It can be web-based, connect to IPhone applications, or interact with systems within your organisation. Connections to Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr or other profile websites are easy to make.

It gives your organisation the opportunity to connect with your visitors before, during and after an event. Pre- and after sales, cross-marketing and cross-selling activities are easy to realise. Above that the node can be used as a payment device for entrance, food and beverage and parking. The concept and its technology also offers solutions for outdoor and temporary events, or events where it is not desirable for visitors to carry an active node.
Click on the image on the right for a videoanimation (quicktime 4mb)