• Kunst, concept, vormgeving, interactieve communicatiemiddelen

Perth Shakesphere

The Perth ShakeSphere concept is based on the technique of Anchor8. For ShakeSphere we use a slightly diferent idea.

The concept of the artwork is to visualise activity of visitors in the form of constantly morphing drawings. During an event there is one thing that people do over and over again..shake hands. I want to use that specific gesture.

This time I'm not thinking about beacon nodes in a stand or floor to communicatie with visitors nodes (like with Anchor8). Instead we offer every visitor a small node in the form of a round sticker which they stick on the palm of their hand. Each time people shake hands a signal will activate colourful animations (drawings by Lisa van Noorden) within a large open shpere made of LED lights.

The sphere is so big that people will be able to walk in it or maybe even sit down and have a coffee. Placed on various spots on the terrain there will be flat round led screens which display identical animations.