• Kunst, concept, vormgeving, interactieve communicatiemiddelen

endless beauty

Volte is an artwork which brings ever-changing, colorful and continually recreated animations, which are subject to a highly personal interpretation. 


27 nov-18 jan 2014/2015 - Amsterdam Light Festival.

Volte is also a form of "artistic branding", as we believe art and branding can blend together in a fresh and exciting new form of visual communication. The animations are based on artistic imagery, uploaded pictures by the audience or realtime input by camera.

After Volte was nominated for the Data Award 2013 (Pittsburg Technology Council USA) in the category Design & Art, it was invited to be shown on the 2013 ICEC conference in Sao Paulo. ICEC 2013 is the longest established and most prestigious international conference in the field of entertainment computing. 


The Volte team consist of Lisa van Noorden as owner and designer of the concept; Duncan Champney for WareTo, who developed the software to make it possible and Stephan Grevelink, who created the website with database for uploading images. Plankgas (Roeland Koppenaal built the 3d frame for Volte on the Amsterdam Light Festival).