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I’m an artist living and working in Rotterdam. I make drawings, paintings and 3d works. I also create artworks in private and public space. As a practice it goes under names such as art applications, and involves thinking about how people interact with urban spaces. In my case, the work ranges from murals and panels to light installations.

My drawing focusses mostly on people and animals and their ways of survival and self-protection in our complicated insane world. I work very accurate and precise. I use symbols which have proven to be strong and lasting to our society, like diamonds, stars, skulls etc. 

Read about my work in these two articles
Periferal Arteries


Feel free to contact me if you love one of my works.
Approximate prices:
Drawings €500 – €1500
Mixed media works / paintings €1000-€2500
3D works €1500 – €4500
0031 (0) 619 598 987



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8 to 15 people are welcome in my studio for drawing lessons.
You may be just an art lover or a professional artist, or even someome with no art experience at all; if you want to learn from me you are welcome.

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I absolutely love you
But we’re absolute beginners
With eyes completely open
But nervous all the same
by David Bowie


I like working with absolute beginners. They draw like I forgot to, or even can not anymore. Come and draw in my atelier. I’ll teach you as much as you can take in about figure sketching and portraiture.
I have welcomed over 50 groups in my studio. Don’t hesitate to be the next. Groups can range from 8 minimum to 15 maximum. Price per person €36.00 for 2 hours. Including male or female model, coffee, thea, cookies. For team or corporate sessions; ask me for a quote.


Drievriendenstraat 26
3014 JS Rotterdam
5 min. walk from central station


Mail or phone:
0031 (0) 619 598 987

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