Rotterdamse Stroom.

Wachten op een wonder? Als je het niet erg vindt, beginnen we alvast. Blijstroom legt zonnepanelen op grote, onbenutte daken in Rotterdam. Die stroom kan jij oogsten, door panelen te kopen. 

Zo maken we samen, stap voor stap, dak voor dak, Rotterdam energieneutraal. Meedoen met Blijstroom is goed voor Rotterdam, goed voor je portemonnee en goed voor de wereld. Het lekkere gevoel krijg je er gratis bij.

Energie voor optimisten


Commissioned by the Rotterdam Centre for the Arts and the Foundation for Elderly Care Rotterdam, I designed a work of art for the hall of the newly built Geuzenhof in Den Briel.

55 residents have a lot of stories to tell. They have grown through their experiences. With the drawings in this artwork I wanted to bring these experiences back to their essence, the core values ​​that make life so beautiful.

– Love
– Family
– Friendship
– Home
– Vitality
– Beauty
– Passion

Based on these key words I made new drawings, or reused old drawings. As a result, the handwriting or each drawing is different. All drawings were scanned at high resolution and composed on a computer.
The second important source of inspiration was the location. The huge vertical wall with natural light inspired me to use a shape that grows towards the light. This creates an association with a church window which is emphasized by the crescent moon at the top.

The design is printed on vinyl in 6 plexiglass plates of 300 x 150 cm. The total surface is 900 x 300 cm. Montage was done by Muur2.

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