Human Nature daylight

Powerful picture puzzle

An oldschool mural with a present-day theme

The artwork called Human Nature has a tale to tell. The apartmentcomplex was originally build in the 60’s and was due to be demolished. However, the housing company decided to rebuild the complex as an energy neutral complex. The dedicated and determed approach of the housing company inspired me to create an artwork that visualises the interplay and connectedness between humans and nature. The defiantly complex design was created with the help of another of my artworks: Volte. Because of the theme we chose for an old school technique: paint and brush.


YEAR 2013

WHAT Mural

TECHNIQUE Handpainted images and glow in the dark aluminium.

SIZE 10 m x 6 m

FOR Woonwijze

PHOTOS Robert Jan van Gerven, Gerard Velthuizen.


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